Why Use a Steam Cleaner?


Water vapour heated between 320° et 355° is a natural and effective way to clean, degrease and disinfect without effort, from floor to ceiling, walls, hard to reach corners, furniture, garages, your car, kitchen, and more! Absolutely everything, with results that cannot be matched with household cleaning products.

High temperature steam lets you clean without soaking. Drying time is super fast, saving your time and energy.


Clean and disinfect all surfaces, all rooms and all materials in your home or office : carpet, fabrics, floors, ceramics, grout, furniture, your entire kitchen, appliances, bedding and more.

Removes all types of stains and spots : food, rust, pet stains, residue of all kinds and other hard to remove substances.

Get rid of mold, dust mites, bacteria and even bed bugs without using harsh toxic chemicals that are dangerous for the environement, and for your health.

With Steam, you will never clean the same again!