Rent the Soluvap X1 steam cleaner

The Soluvap X1 machine, completly designed and manufactured in Italy, is particularly adapted to residential use. Providing top of the line cleaning power, while being extremely portable and compact, weighing less than 7kg.

The design of the Soluvap X1 model allows unlimited cleaning time and a continuous water refill even during usage. This gives you time to clean, disinfect and remove stains and odours from your home, without using any toxic chemicals.

In the Montreal Area?

Rent the Soluvap X1 Vapor Steam Cleaner!

Why choose the Soluvap X1 steam cleaner?

Ideal for disinfecting and stain removal on mattresses, sofas and car seats, as well as carpets and draperies.

Get rid of bed bugs, dust mites, bacteria and mold, quickly and without toxic poisons.

These cleaners excel at cleaning ceramic tiles, joints and grout, without chemicals.

Get rid of allergens and foul odours in your carpets and textiles, without the need to soak. Drying time is surprising quick.

Each of our cleaners come with a user guide, and a complete set of accessories to target every surface type.

Our machines are steam cleaned between each rental.

When you pick up the machine, our technician will show you how to operate it, give you advice and tips, and answer all of your questions.