Rent a steam cleaner for gum and graffiti removal

The area directly in front of your business is likely to accumulate residue and built-up gum over the years. You may even have to deal with occasional graffiti vandalism. This lowers your client’s perception, and harms your bottom line.

By combining the power of steam cleaning with a special gum removal or graffiti removal solution (available with rental) you will destroy build up gum from your sidewalk and driveway, and rid graffiti from your walls. No need to hire a professional, you can do it yourself for less.

Eliminate encrusted residue and gum, no matter what type of pavement you have (tile, concrete, asphalt, etc.)

Our biodegradable gum removal detergent is specially formulated to destroy gum accumulation from the ground, safely for you, and for the environment.

Get rid of graffiti and gum, then clean your entire shop with the machine.


Carmen 220VWe recommend the Carmen 200v, our most powerful cleaner, equipped with detergent reservoir and built in vacuum. This machine is the only machine powerful enough for graffiti and gum removal because of its higher 220v current.