Rent a steam cleaner for tiles, grout, and ceramic joints

Ceramic tiles will give your floors, bathrooms and kitchen an elegant style… but only if they are impeccably clean! 

Not only the tiles themselves, but especially the grout, where dirt and grime easily build up. It can be discouraging and difficult to get these small areas fully cleaned… unless you have the right equipment!

Our steam cleaners are the perfect tool to get your tiles, and especially the grout looking like new. In fact, it’s the most common use of our steam cleaners. Easy to use, safe, and no chemicals needed!

Get professional results at home by using the proven power of superheated (180°C) water vapour.

The high temperatures at the end of the nozzle make short work of years of built-up grime and dirt in your grout. Simply wipe off with a towel and admire the results.

No one wants to breathe in harsh, toxic chemicals while you scrub your grout. Get better results by using the natural power of water, while protecting the original finish of your tiles.