Rent a steam cleaner for shops, offices and businesses

Off-putting smells and stains in your business are a sure-fire way to make your clients think twice about giving you their trust. 

Use superior hygiene as a selling point, especially for businesses such as tattoo parlors, spas, hair salons and massage parlors.

Our steam claners disinfect and prevent contaminations from bacteria and germs.

Ideal for business

Hair salons

Tattoo parlors

Spas, tanning salons

Clinics, dentists, specialists

Gyms and training rooms

Car dealerships

Retail stores

… and much more!

Dry steam vapor is usable with adjustable power settings, while using a low quantity of water super-heated to over 180°C.

The integrated vacuum (on some models) lets you eliminate dust, mold and projected water with minimal clean-up.

Kill bacteria and germs without using any toxic chemicals!

In the Greater Montreal Area?