Rent a steam cleaner for hotels and accommodations

First impressions are everything when entering a hotel. Be it a single night, week or month, cleanliness and hygiene can make or break your reputation. 

Forget about hiring professionals, renting a steam cleaning machine is the most cost efficient way of keeping your establishment spotless and clean. 


Spotless lobbies and reception areas

Ceramic and grout

Freshen up your mattresses, kill dust mites

Make your bathrooms sparkling clean

Deep clean your commercial kitchen

Get rid of odours (Cigarette smoke, etc.)

Get rid of stains on carpet, fabric, upholstery

…and much more!

The power of dry steam easily takes care of tough stains and lingering odours, without having to use harsh chemicals.

Disinfect your furniture, delicate fabrics and upholstery without soaking them, allowing you to rent your rooms in record time after a deep cleaning.

An occasional steam cleaning will keep your rooms and bathrooms looking like new.


Carmen 120VPour un nettoyage approfondi, Carmen, extrêmement puissant, est également équipé d'un aspirateur intégré.

 Carmen 120V
For a deep cleaning, Carmen is extremely powerful and is equipped with a built-in commercial vacuum.

Rent a steam cleaner for hotels and accommodations | JM Vapeur
Hill injectionSa petite taille permet de combiner puissance et maniabilité dans un format portatif, pour un nettoyage de routine.

Hill injection
Our most popular model, its small size lets you combine power and portability to get more done in less time.

Carmen 220VPour un nettoyage encore plus radical, Carmen 220v, extrêmement puissant, pour les parties achalandées de votre hôtel.

 Carmen 220V
Our most powerful model, the Carmen 220v lets you use the vacuum and boiler at the same time for hours on end. For the toughest jobs.