Rent a steam cleaner for garages, factories and warehouses

Industrial establishments require industrial-grade tools. For the toughest grime, grease and hard to clean jobs, forget about using toxic chemicals or calling in professionals.

Warehouse, stockrooms and other enclosed spaces can also be especially challenging for humidity, mold and spills.

You can clean everything from your machines, assembly lines, tools, stock rooms, floors and much more using the incredibly tough power of steam.


Degrease your machinery and tools

Prevent moisture, mold and rotting in your warehouse

Sanitize your food production plant

Clean and disinfect your feel of trucks

Maintain and clean your HVAC system and filters

Make your bathrooms, kitchen and reception shine

Ideal for big “spring cleaning”

…and much more!

Our machines are portable and will let you clean all your hard to reach spaces, without having to move your equipment or merchandise around.

Eliminate bacteria and the risk of mold without having to resort to dangerous and often incompatible chemicals. Only water is needed.

A clean sanitary warehouse will make your inventory last longer.


Carmen 120VChoisissez Carmen pour venir à bout des taches incrustées depuis trop longtemps dans votre garage ou entrepôt.

 Carmen 120V
For hard to clean stains, tough degreasing, and other big jobs, Carmen is built to get the job done. Comes with a built-in vacuum.

Location d’un nettoyeur à vapeur pour les garages et entrepôts | JM Vapeur
Hill injectionPour un nettoyage périodique efficace de votre garage/entrepôt, la machine Hill Injection est facile à manier.

Hill injection
Smaller and more portable, but with commercial-grade power. This machine is our most popular model.

Carmen 220VPour un nettoyage de grande ampleur, nous recommandons Carmen 220v, l’appareil le plus puissant sur le marché.

 Carmen 220V
For the toughest cleaning jobs, we recommend the Carmen 220v. One of the most powerful steam machines on the market. Built to work long hours without losing power.