Rent a steam cleaner for carpet cleaning

Need to clean your carpets but don’t have the budget nor the need to invest in a costly professional grade machine purchase? Tired of using flimsy devices that don’t live up to expectations?

We have the perfect solution: professional quality steam cleaning machine rental. Refresh, sanitize and deep clean your carpets without using harsh chemicals. 

Get professional results at home by using the purifying, eco-friendly power of heated water (316-356°).

Chose security : no toxic or harsh chemicals, put your family’s health first.

Ease your allergies by getting rid of allergens by eliminating particles like dust and dust mites.


Rent a steam cleaner for carpet cleaning | JM Vapeur
ToscaPour un petit projet de nettoyage, la machine Tosca est recommandée pour éliminer les taches, odeurs et acariens.

Tosca is recommended to get rid of stains and odours everywhere in your home.

Rent a steam cleaner for carpet cleaning | JM Vapeur

Hill Injection
It’s small size combines portability with power. Our most popular model.


Carmen 220v
Our most powerful machine, is perfect for pulversing stains, odours and allergens.