Rent a steam cleaner for automotive detailing and cars

Steam cleaning technology has already convinced many automotive professionals as an unmatched cleaning tool. From the body panels, doors, foot rails, carpets and seats, salt and calcium deposits, dash, engine bay, and even your garage!

Why spend a fortune on a professional cleaning machine or on professional cleaning services that you only need a few times a year? Save money and enjoy the process by doing it yourself. 

Renting a steam cleaner for your car has many advantages :

The power of superheated water vapour is enough to make your car exterior shine on its own, without soap or detergent. You can also disinfect and get rid of stains and smells inside your car or truck.

Our cleaners are versatile and work on any make or model of car, truck, or even big rig. Our many included accessories will clean from your wheels, to your undercarriage to your fabric or leather seats, to your windows, and much more.