Rent the Dupray
Steam Box
Steam Cleaner

 The Dupray Steam box is our most powerful steam cleaner. Using 220V for the strongest blast of steam in our lineup.

This machine is equipped with a detergent reservoir and is recommended for the toughest of jobs, including disaster clean-up, industrial cleaning, gum and graffiti removal, and more.

With the Steam Box, you can fill the reservoir yourself, or attach a water input line for non-stop productivity. Give this machine a try and the results will speak for themselves.


One of the most powerful commercial steam cleaners in the world, made in Italy.

Eliminates bacteria, dust mites, allergens of all types and even bed bugs.

Deep clean and scour your commercial ovens, freezers, ceramic and grout, and other hard to clean surfaces with ease.

The best tool on the market for industrial and heavy commercial jobs such as kitchen and factory cleaning.

 Each of our cleaners come with a user guide, and a complete set of accessories to target every surface type.

Our machines are steam cleaned between each rental.

When you pick up the machine, our technician will show you how to operate the machine, give you advice and tips, and answer all of your questions.