Rent a steam cleaner for daycares, schools and CPE

Daycare, schools, CPE… when there are many children together, bacteria and germs will multiply.

Eliminate germs from your classroom, nap area, cafeteria, hallways and bathrooms with our steam cleaning machines. Without chemicals, for the safest, most powerful cleaning possible for your children.

What can you clean?

Kill germs without toxic chemicals

Sterilize your child’s toys

Gain parents trust even more

Sparkling windows without ammonia

Destroy allergens and dust mites

Clean your floors and carpets

Give your day-care a competitive advantage

…and much more!

Furniture, floors and objects are dry in minutes, no soaking required.

No harmful chemicals are required for safe and natural cleaning results.

Minimise the risk of slipping on a wet floor, as surfaces will not be slippery!