Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to rent a steam cleaning machine?

Rental prices will change depending on the model and on the duration of the rental.

Our current prices :

Dupray Tosca : 59$ for 1 day, 129$ for 3 days, 199$ for 7 days.

Dupray Hill injection : 79$ for 1 day, 159$ for 3 days, 279$ for 7 days.

Dupray Carmen Super Inox : 109$ for 1 day, 199$ for 3 days, 349$ for 7 days.

Certain models can be rented for a longer period than seven days. Contact us for a personalised quote.

In all cases, it is very important to call and reserve a machine before coming to our offices, to make sure it will be available.

I don't know which steam cleaning machine to rent, can you help me?

Our website is designed to showcase the most common residential and commercial uses, with machine suggestions at the bottom. Each of our machines can be rented for many different applications.

Please note that the Tosca machine, has approximatively 30 minutes of steam cleaning time on a full water tank. It is necessary to wait for the machine to cool down before you can refill it again. The Hill Injection, as well as the Carmen, can be used and refilled continually.

If in doubt, the Hill Injection is a safe choice, even for big jobs.

I would like to rent a steam cleaner for more than seven days, is this possible?

Yes, it is possible to rent a steam cleaner for more than seven days. Contact us directly for a personalised quote.

Is there an extra charge to use the accessories that came with the machine?

At the time of pickup of the machine at our offices, our technician will explain to you the accessories that are included with your rental, as well as the accessories that are extra.

Some accessories are packaged and their use is left to your discretion. The charges for these items are billed when you bring back the machine.

Do steam cleaners work with water from an artesian well?

If your water comes from an artesian well, it is recommended that you filter the water to make sure it isn’t too mineralized. You will need about 1 gallon (4.5 litres) of water, or more for a big cleanup.

The steam cleaner I've rented doesn't work! What can I do?

Each of our machines is tested by our technician at the moment of pickup. During this time, we will explain to you how to operate the machine as well as answer your questions. This way you will ready to use the machine right away.

If you run into trouble, please try the following steps first, in accordance with the instructions you received from the technician :

– Verify that you’ve filled the reservoir fully with water ;
– Wait until the desired temperature is reached ;
– Verify you haven’t tripped a breaker, this is common as these machines use a lot of electricity.

If your problem persists, please contact us, it will be our pleasure to assist you with a solution.

I am interested in renting a machine, but I am not from the Montreal area, can I still rent one?

Yes, we offer delivery service for the Montreal area, as well as areas further away. Contact us for more information.

Do you offer cleaning services, and at what price?

We are happy to refer you to our favourite steam cleaning experts,  Please contact us for more information.