About us

Founded in 2014 by James Gagné, JM Vapeur is specialised in steam cleaning machines for residential, business and industrial use.

JM Vapeur’s goal is to make steam cleaning accessible and affordable, with flexible rental options. No need to buy an expensive professional machine, that you probably won’t use every day.

JM Vapeur has selected these machines with specific criteria in mind (portability, power, easy of use, accessories) so our clients can get the job done themselves, without having to call expensive professional cleaners.

The machines on offer from JM Vapeur make cleaning the toughest stains, grime and buildup seem like child’s play. Get rid of dirt, bacteria and germs without toxic chemicals, using only the power of water.

Our machines are available for rent in the Greater Montreal area. Our rental packages are flexible and adapted to all needs. Pickup is available from our Laval office. All of our machines come with easy to follow instructions and tips from our in-house technician.

Contact us right away to reap the benefits of natural, powerful and environmentally friendly steam cleaning technology.